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Moreland Community Child Care Centres Inc. (MCCCC) offer an integrated kindergarten program delivered by fully qualified kindergarten teachers.

Our kinder program is not sessional but instead is incorporated into our long day care model. Existing families at MCCCC are automatically eligible for a place in our kinder program.

In 2019, MCCCC introduced French as part of the State Government’s ‘Learn Languages at Kinder’ program. MCCCC’s French educators embed French language learning through exploration, problem solving, creating and constructing ideas through play, art, music, stories, the discussion and enactment of French cultural traditions etc.

Kindergarten is designed to build on your child’s:

  • social skills and their ability to learn as part of a group, sharing and negotiating through play and routine tasks;
  • self-awareness, empathy and respect for others;
  • emotional development, such as self-control and self-regulation;
  • language, literacy and numeracy skills in readiness for school;
  • ability to follow directions and complete complex tasks;
  • disposition as a curious, enthusiastic learner demonstrating persistence and resilience when learning through play;
  • understanding of the joy and satisfaction of learning;
  • use of play to investigate, imagine and explore ideas;
  • ability to build and maintain meaningful relationships and friendships;
  • exposure to new ideas and concepts.*

Kindergarten is learning for life. Educators use a holistic approach and value learning across all areas of development.

School-readiness is a major focus of the kinder program and children are given opportunities to develop skills and understandings to ensure a smooth transition to school. Teachers and families work together to achieve the best outcome for each child and to ensure a positive transition from kinder to school. At the end of the kinder year educators complete an assessment on each child called a ‘Transition statement’. This document is used as a communication tool between the kinder teacher, family and prep teacher.

We say farewell to our kinders each year confident they have been given the tools they need to jumpstart a rich and rewarding educational experience at school and beyond.            

*‘How Kindergarten Will Benefit Your Child’, Department of Education and Training, Victoria State Government.

Three centres, one community

Our Happy Families

One morning, our two-year-old said she was going to her ‘other house’. That really says it all: Dunstan is her home away from home, a fun place to play and learn with staff who make her feel secure and loved. We couldn't be happier.
Camille, Dunstan Reserve

Our children really enjoy the time they spend at MCCCC. I have watched them grow in confidence and make positive friendships. MCCCC offers a relaxed, educational and nurturing environment. I particularly like the increasing focus on sustainability.
Donna, Dunstan Reserve

The staff are all lovely and caring, and I feel that they genuinely enjoy being around little people and encouraging them to grow and learn. I particularly like the way the children can move throughout the different spaces at Mitchell Street, playing with educators and kids of different ages as they please.
Elena, Mitchell Street

The variety of activities for the children coupled with the community garden right next to the centre make it a great setting for developing minds. Educators take a real interest in the children and their families—with some going the extra mile to help parents, which is greatly appreciated after a long day at work.
Faranaz, Dunstan Reserve

We chose Mitchell Street because of the friendly staff and atmosphere and especially the fact that the kids are not segregated by age. As it is, we have observed her language, motor skills, empathy and independence grow by leaps and bounds, far beyond our expectations.
Katy, Mitchell Street

We are so appreciative of the wonderful care of our boys by the educators at Mitchell Street. The children enjoy a diverse range of engaging activities and it’s clear that the educators are enthusiastic and take a great amount of pride in supporting the children to participate and learn.
Mel and Ian, Mitchell Street

We've always loved how Tinning Street feels more like a home than a child care centre. Our eldest went to school very happily after the great early learning foundation he received at the centre and our youngest is on track for the same! The carers are wonderful and attentive. We don't know what we’d do without them!
Michelle, Tinning Street

Both of my daughters have attended Mitchell Street and loved it there. When my second daughter started, the family grouping allowed my older daughter to be with her as she was adjusting to the new space. It was good peace of mind to know that they had each other during the day whilst I was working.
Nadia, Mitchell Street

We had complete confidence in sending our son to Mitchell Street from the moment we entered the building. He is a respected and loved member of the Mitchell Street family and receives personalised care from a very familiar group of professional carers. We will not hesitate in enrolling our next child and recommend Mitchell Street to our friends.
Rebecca, Mitchell Street

As a new mum of ethnic background, child care was culturally considered a last resort. I feel very grateful for the path that life pushed me towards. From the educators to kitchen staff, management to kinder teachers, we have been blessed with amazing people. There was nothing I asked for that couldn’t be done.
Rose, Tinning Street

The kinder program is frequently the starting point for fascinating discussions at home with my four-year-old son. He is challenged to think about the world in new ways and is excited to share his learning with us. I am so grateful he has a nurturing and supportive environment to develop his social skills and build confidence.
Sarah, Tinning Street

Latest News & Events

Friday, November 22, 2019

MCCCC sleeps at the G

It was that time of year again when an enthusiastic group of MCCCC educators participated in Melbourne City Mission’s Sleep at the G. Sleep at the G is now in its seventh year and raises much needed funds for Melbourne City Mission, who support more than 5,000 people experiencing homelessness a week. This year, Melbourne City Mission was also hoping to raise funds to support their newly opened crisis accommodation centre for at-risk young people, Frontyard.

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